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The Chicken Tragedy

*Disclaimer* There is disturbing news in this post about our animals journey

As you might remember we are down to 25 birds, there are 223 chickens and 2 beautiful white Muscovy ducks. Just the other day the Hubby and I were saying which chickens we will let live for a long time. Meaning they might not even make it to the crock pot. I know *gasp* that what happens when you name them. I read it time and time again but I chose to name them anyways, lesson learned. We love our birds and the Hubby loves the ducks.

So why is this a sad update? Well I went to the library with the Littles for what I thought would be a couple of hours and of course Hubby was at work, so I left the dogs outside so they could play. I had done this a couple of times before and all had gone well. As a reminder our chickens are free range…our neighbors dog is free range..and now our dogs were free range…yes, go ahead and do the math…the outcome is exactly what you think.

I got nervous at the library, it had been three hours instead of two and in that moment I knew it was time to rush home. The first thing I see is Blue laying on the sidewalk and a Cochin covered in ants by the front door. It only went downhill from there. I tried to usher the Littles into the house before they saw anymore of the dead chickens and made them take the dogs with them. I then became the search and rescue team. The coop was ransacked! Our neighbors dog was in the duck pond and poor Minnie (our female Muscovy) had her back ripped open and was still alive. *I know he led the attack* If you get animals, make a first aid kit. I didn’t have it in the budget when we first brought them home and thought I’ll get around to it. Well that never happened and I had poor Hubby running around town trying to get me what I needed. My lesson was learned, I had nothing to help our duck except rinsing her wound and putting her in a calm place.

The hunt continued for the rest of the birds but all I found were more dead ones…but at the very end when all hope was lost I found 5 survivors! They had hidden in the bushes and the wood pile. They were so scared they wouldn’t leave the coop for days. We were now down to rock-a-doodle, Diamond Jr., 2 Leghorn chicks, and Ruby. Only ten bodies were found so we hoped the rest would come back over the next couple days. Unfortunately they did but not in the way we wanted. Evidently the dogs had buried the rest and were digging them back up.

Needless to say our neighbors dog is now restrained, we found a better home for Koda (she had a love for chickens and with three Littles it was not the right timing for her), Ellie is in Chicken training doing extremely well and we have added a rooster, which there will be more on him later.

Have you ever had a chicken tragedy? How did you handle it?


  1. sad!!!! 🙁 i’ve always wanted chickens!!! thanks for the warnings!

    • It was sad, but with livestock comes deadstock. Most people lose half if not all of their first flock within the first year 🙁 It only leaves room for improvement. Don’t let this discourage you.

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