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Planting Eden (part 2) The Seedling Mystery

our first corn

It’s happened…CORN!!!!! Houston, the corn has sprouted. OMG we are so excited that something is growing. The oldest Little came running from the garden screaming “Come see, come see! There are plants ACTUALLY growing!” she says this as if it was completely unexpected, which in her case was probably true. As for me that’s exactly what I wanted to see happen. Although I did think I had a black thumb, especially after growing the seedlings inside failed. None the less we have multiple corn-growing.  My garden, the Littles garden, it seems to be sprouting everywhere. when people ask how the farm is going we like to reply with “We are corn farmers.”

Now don’t get me wrong we planted other seeds, these seeds did sprout, but as soon as they sprouted they were gone! The Littles had it happen in their garden too. The seeds sprouted one day, someone would come by and we’d show them our newly sprouted seeds but they had vanished. So we asked around because none of it made sense. We would tell the seedlings good night, wake up to water them and there was nothing. Houston, we have a problem.

Turns out this was one of the easiest problems to solve. No spraying, no chemicals, no hunting for bugs, all we needed to do was eat some tuna. What? Eat tuna? Yep, we used those tuna cans to put vegetable oil in them, slightly bury them in the garden and then wait and see…turns out, PINCHER BUGS (or as the Hubby says, Ear Wigs) love vegetable oil and because of the oil they can’t get back out of the can again. These pincher bugs were eating all of our seedlings. There were so many after just one night I had to empty the tuna can and refill it, this went on for about 3 days until it was only a few after each night.

Before moving out here I had never seen so many pincher bugs in one place in all my life. We have deemed the winter pincher bug season. They cover our entire back porch area where the carpet is, every pillow and blanket must get shaken before using it, dump your shoes for at least one bug is in each of them, and if there is a straw anywhere DO NOT USE IT! These bugs were everywhere, so why didn’t I think they would be in the garden as well? Who knows, consider it a city girls mistake.

Anyways, back to the garden. I placed the tuna cans throughout the garden, planted a few more seeds and viola! Houston we have take off! Seedlings sprouted and we were no longer only corn farmers.

*Caution* only place the tuna cans inside a fenced garden. After placing a tuna can filled with oil in the Littles garden so their plants could grow it took me a couple of days to figure out why their oil disappeared. The dog ate it! There was diarrhea EVERYWHERE. So beware, must keep out of reach of household pets.

Have any of you had this problem? What did you do to fix the problem with your seedlings?

Stay tuned for more pincher bug free goodness!!!

Planting Eden (Part 1)

As you know my seed starting abilities are just awful, so I’m hoping this planting straight in the ground will help m out. I know that my tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumber and lettuce should not go directly into the ground but whats it going to hurt if i try? Along with all those seeds we are adding corn, strawberries, pumpkins, and watermelon today. I am super excited for the last two!!! Not too sure about my spacing, because all of my research has shown needing A WHOLE LOT of space but for testing out my soil I have decided to go with about 3 feet between the watermelon and pumpkins.

2015.3.30 46 gardening

lines of twine where we planted

While my Littles were helping me, we decided to five them their own garden. So we quickly ripped out the weeds and grass, dumped two wheel barrels full of “compost” (the previous renters never cleaned up under the big tree out front and now there’s a big pile of dirt, more on that later), sprinkled a little fertilizer and they got to plant one of everything minus the strawberries.


Unfortunately they have no fence so this makes me worried about the ground squirrels and bunnies since they have the biggest population here.

In about a week or two we will have some seedlings to report on…stay tuned 🙂

How was planting your seeds straight into the ground? What did you plant?