My time has finally come!!!!!!

We are officially on our little patch of land and we are going to have a garden. In the past I’ve tried plants on my patio and killed all of them after a while. Half died from lack of water and the other half died from not enough sun. If we look even further into my past there was a year where my mother only got plants for gifts. There was a strawberry plant for her birthday and a honeydew melon plant for Mother’s day. Up until now these are the only crops I’ve harvested, a handful of small strawberries and a golf ball sized honeydew.

Fast forward to now and my train of thought is as follows “What plants do I want…for the first year lets just do a couple to get the hang of it…. tomatoes, cucumber, and pumpkins. We eat all of these (minus the pumpkins but they are for Halloween) and they are supposed to be easy…. Now I wont be overwhelmed or have to become an expert on a hundred different plants”

So I gathered up my Littles and off to Wal-Mart we go, I know this isn’t the best place for seeds but hey, its my first year and we aren’t spending a fortune on organic seeds. This was an AWFUL idea! $30 later I have every seed under the sun that I want to eat and have convinced myself it will still be totally manageable.

2015.2.18 18 starting the garden

the borders are drawn

Now the hard work begins. Everything so far has been picking a packet off a shelf. We plotted off the size of the garden and started turning the soil. About five hours later (over the course of a couple of days due to the Littles losing interest) I decided the original plot was TOO big and we had to settle for less. Measured out it came to be a crooked rectangle 9 feet wide and 25 feet high.

Yes, I know this is a super tiny plot for my original three types of plants, but now there are so many more plants to add in. Strawberries, corn, blue corn, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, pumpkins, watermelon, spinach, more tomatoes, peas, beans, and sunflowers. See it’s not that much (haha ya right).

One of the Littles digging out the borders

One of the Littles digging out the borders

Once the soil was turned we added barrel full after barrel full of compost found around the homestead. Then it hit me…..there are bunnies and squirrels and gophers…. I need a fence!!! Now there was twice as much dirt to dig out so the fence could be buried.

the neighbors dog trying to flatten the turned soil

the neighbors dog trying to flatten the turned soil

Thankfully the fencing was gifted by a neighbor because after researching I discovered wiring everywhere was trying to rob people. If I had not been gifted the fencing I would have taken the route of buying cheap fencing and using scrap wood to make and old-fashioned wood fence lined with wire. Something is better than nothing right?

So here is the freshly dug crooked garden with no gate (kinda forgot to plan that in) and absolutely no idea where to start planting.

2015.3.30 46 gardening

the lines are where our seeds will go

Do you like my beautiful dirt garden? How did you start your first garden? I love hearing everyone else’s experiences.