Craigslist is just as bad as Facebook. Reading all of the pet ads is so addicting to me, I do it to get my animal fix. Well every once in a while I’ll actually find an animal I want and in this case it was multiple animals. Now it was time to convince the Hubby this would be a good idea. 5-6 barn cats would come live on our property to help control the rodent population.

Side note, we see so many ground squirrels, rabbits, and gophers, it is about 20 a day. Our neighbors have had a hard time growing things and keeping the produce and there are so many holes covering the ground I trip every few feet.

Well after much deliberation I succeeded in getting the Hubby on board. So off we went to the Humane Society and picked up 6 wild barn cats. The plan was to keep them in a pen for a month feeding them wet food so that they will learn this is home and that they would get food at least once a day. We got home, built the cages with the pens the humane society gave us, put the carriers inside, opened the carriers, and ran back. None of them came out but I was only half surprised.

bringing home the wild beasts

bringing home the wild beasts

We had a party to go to so we left them for about 6 hours which was OK-ed by the Humane Society. Upon returning I checked on our 6 cats to find 2. That’s right TWO! But wait…I walked closer to check on the two and one of them squeezed through the lid/sides leaving behind a tuft of fur.  Now we were down to one. Ava the grey.

A couple of days later we brought home one more feral cat to be friends with Ava. His name was Nemo, and yes he was orange with white stripes. We did not name the cats, the Humane society did and we decided to keep them.

Fast forward a few months we released Ava and Nemo and my worst fear was neither of them would stick around, but they both stayed and always came for their nightly food.  The rodents were starting to dwindle down and all seemed to be going well. Then a week passed by and we hadn’t seen Ava. While walking around the property we saw clumps of fur and realized a hawk had taken her away. But thankfully we still have Nemo. According to our neighbors they have a few cats living in their shed that met the description of the originals we brought home.

Fast forward a few more months the rodent population has decreased so much we now see one every couple of days. Nemo has become friends with Figaro , our inside cat, and has even come inside our house for a couple of minutes, let our daughter pet him, and has made acquaintances with our dog Ellie.

Overall, we love having wild cats and they haven’t tried to eat any of the chickens.

Have you ever tried to have a barn/wild/feral cat?

Stay tuned for more wild cat news 🙂