Seriously! Last Saturday, January 17th, as I was going to write a post on what a birthing kit should have in it for a dairy goat I discovered quite a few things. ***remember this was going to be my first ever goat delivery***

  1. I felt seriously unprepared for everything that could go wrong 95% of births go uneventful, 5% need assistance, I just knew we would fall into the 5% category.
  2. I have good friends who walk me through everything and assure me that everything will be OK 😀
  3. Inca (our dairy goat who is due first) had a mix up on her due date. Initially it was supposed to be February 8th. Now it was January 31st! A whole week earlier! My timeline of getting ready for these babies had just been thrown for a loop.
  4. I can do this! or at least I can continue to tell myself that ;P

****This is the most helpful series I found on goats but this section deals with what belongs in a birthing kit****

So I went to bed ready for the next day of church, a birthday party, and buying the stuff for my birthing kit. Well those plans NEVER happened! Inca was acting weird when I woke up and let her out, she head butted the dog, peed a weird consistency, didn’t really want to eat. (I was going to add the video of her peeing amniotic fluid but I figured maybe you don’t want to see that haha) So immediately I rushed to my phone took videos and pictures and sent at least a hundred messages asking my go to goat lady what was wrong. She came back with “call the previous owner and see if she knows exactly what it is.”

After a couple of minutes on the phone with her she hears the noises Inca was making and tells me that she is in labor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What?!?!?!?!??!!?!? Labor……….I was not ready for this! This was two weeks early, I had no birthing kit (remember I was planning it out the night before), no milking stand (that was the next weeks goal), no idea what to do with a preemie goat but guess what, help was on the way 😀 Both of my goat ladies were rushing over, one left church and the other got out of chores 😛 They came to my rescue and brought everything I needed except towels (I had those).

The only down side was they were over an hour away and Inca started laying down and getting up which meant she was going to start pushing. Once I knew Inca was in LABOR I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I mean seriously, the Hubby told me that I was acting like he was when we were in labor with our first baby 🙂 Thankfully the Hubby took complete control over the Littles and everything else on the farm! All I had to worry about was making sure Inca had a happy ending.

Within twenty minutes of my goat ladies arriving we discovered that this labor was brought on prematurely by a kid that had died inside and was starting to decompose 🙁 After the dead one was removed and put away we turned our focus to the lone survivor, or so we hoped. The kid needed some major assistance coming out. It was sideways and backwards not wanting to come out on its own.  Thankfully the goat ladies knew what they were doing and were able to turn it and bring it out breech.

wonderful mom cleaning off her kid

wonderful mom cleaning off her kid

Upon it entering this world we discovered the little buck (boy) was still alive! Now it was our job to make sure he survived.

I am in love <3

I am in love <3

Stay tuned for more on how we have been caring for this newbie kid (goat baby) and how I have become a P.O.F.

Any guesses as to what that stands for? 😛