So I know this is a little off topic from farming and homesteading but……. a good farm only runs well if the marriage behind it is running even better. Here on our homestead I do most of the work because the Hubby is finishing his degree and well…that was the agreement when we got all these animals haha

He loves all the animals but they were definitely not his idea and I knew he couldn’t be adding more responsibilities onto his plate at this time. The only reason why we have these animals and a good marriage is because of good communication! Now granted, the tiny details of some of the animals like the fact that the chick brooder was going to live in the house was somehow not communicated :/ but was quickly resolved once he saw the ducks 🙂

this lived next to the dining room table

Anyways long story short, we have learned that great communication and staying a couple (not my life doing this and his life doing that but everything still comes together as one) is what will keep our marriage strong. During my years of babysitting as a teenager I was blessed to know and become friends with the people who have the number one marriage podcast today!!!! Back then they were my neighbors but now they are amazing marriage counselors! Therefore after I was done baby sitting and they got home from their date I got to talk with Alisa and discuss relationships and the beginnings of what has become One Extraordinary Marriage. I learned so much from her and now feel bad for all the times I probably killed the mood for them on date night by staying until midnight discussing everything under the sun.

Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo

Now they have asked me to be a part of their goal to reach 1,000,000 marriages the week of Valentines Day!!! So I am writing a review on one of their books called….Connect Like You Did When You First Met: 101 Proven Questions for Couples this e-book goes for $12 and is worth every penny. For those couples that have been married forever and know every little detail about each other, there are still questions in here that will have your conversations getting back to the days of dating. For those couples that hardly talk at all and answer with short and simple responses but one of you want a deeper connection…this book is definitely for you.

In the beginning there is a how to section…at first I thought this was weird because why do I need a how to on having conversations with my husband but as we followed directions and got to the tough questions I was very grateful that I remembered the section on body language and using I statements and especially the directions for only doing one question at a time 🙂 Now there were a few times where we just sat and answered a ton of fun questions because they were fun and we were enjoying it. The book covers your marriage, sex, money, religion, dating, kids, friends and family, dreams and desires, and a fun section. It seriously covers it all 🙂

An example of a tough question for our relationship was….Is there anything you need from me that you’re not getting?… this might not seem tough but I remember my grandma once saying, If you aren’t willing to change don’t make them change either. How was I supposed to ask what can I do better if I didn’t really want to do anything different. Now we did go through this question and I am very happy because it showed me which areas I wasn’t meeting for the Hubby and I do of course want him to be as happy as he can be in our marriage.

Horseback Riding (I know, everything revolves around country living but it was penny pinching since it was with a coupon)

The fun questions for us were about dating and gave us a chance to revamp our dating ideas! We have gotten into the rut of dinner out, or the movies and popcorn. Pretty much those only two things counted as a date but now we have a much bigger list and I can’t wait to share some of those adventures with you guys. My big problems are finding a babysitter that will take care of the animals or we have to be on a date between the hours of feeding and caring for the livestock. If you have any tips on dating with livestock I would love to hear them 😀

So please…….share this review, share the book, go to the website, help us reach 1,000,000 marriages. Your marriage lasts a lifetime and is well worth the $12 bucks for this book that will give you a better, deeper, more understanding relationship with your spouse.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!