When life gives you oranges you make orange juice, lemons you make lemonade, bananas you make banana bread. But when life gives you the stomach flu… you make nothing and just watch TV.

Back in July we had our first time with the stomach flu having a family of five and only one of them in diapers. Here we are trying to live the back to basics lifestyle, no harsh chemicals, raising chickens, hang drying laundry, next to no TV, you get the picture. Well guess how we did when life handed us a sucker punch to the stomach? AWFUL

That’s right awful!

I sprayed everything down with Lysol once everyone was on the mend. The chickens schedule got all out of sorts and they even spent a whole day locked up. The front door never shut so we didn’t have to worry about the dogs going in and out. Laundry lived in the bathtub for days until I could run it through the washer AND dryer. Last but not least we watched TV ALL WEEK LONG!

Growing up if we were truly sick we got to lay around and watch TV. I’m assuming that is how most of us were raised because it was the norm. It still is the norm and I do not think there is anything truly damaging about it. We all survived, the chickens didn’t seem to mind, the outside breeze was nice from the door constantly open, running the dryer didn’t hurt anybody and the TV gave us all a way to relax while feeling crummy.

Now if you have a better way of handling the stomach flu please let me know. I would like to do better next time but when each of us took a day throwing up and being lifeless there was only one answer for me…not everyone will agree with it but remember we are still in the 21st century. It’s OK to take advantage of the perks that living now-a-days gives us. Every other week in the year we are trying to get back to basics, so whats one week of a vomiting vacation.

I hope none of you get the stomach flu but I know it is inevitable, so how do you deal with it?

PS-I didn’t add pictures but I think it is self explanatory 😛