I’ve got some bad news… I killed my seedlings. All of them! It wasn’t my fault though, out of sight out of mind right? Ok, it was totally my fault. I put them outside because I was tired of trying to find sun in the house. Remember how I complained about moving them twice a day everyday? It got to be too much.

seedlings in the wheel barrel

seedlings in the wheel barrel

I kept them in a wheel barrel. It had wind protection, and I was using the soak up method to water them. Well seedlings aren’t supposed to dry out at all…during the heat of the day and three Littles who would need me to put their shoes on for a 3 minute venture just didn’t sound worth it. The seedlings dried out faster than a run away train.  Obviously I did not use good judgement, next year will be different.

There has been some debate about just buying grown plants but…there has been no wiggle room in the budget and this blog is about penny-pinching so…we are not going to buy $4 plants.  By the way the bell peppers never sprouted. I googled the brand and it turns out they were an all bad batch. So for now we are waiting until we can plant straight in the ground.

If I till it, seeds will come! (I’m a big movie buff, so get used to movie references)

How did your seedlings turn out?